Feed the Tarpon!

FLORIDA KEYS FISH-57bdf386916a2.jpg

You’re on vacation, now what?! Feed the Tarpon at Robbie’s of Islamorada. Whether it’s your first time to the Florida Keys or you are a seasoned veteran, this it not to be missed! The Florida Keys are known for their laid back atmosphere, beautiful vistas, and diverse ecosystem. Get in touch with the locals, like real local, like local fish! Pop over to this quintessential hang out, drink a cold beer and listen to the steel drums of Bob Marley.

Once you’ve acclimated to the tropical vibes head over to the marina, buy a bucket of bait, and toss the bait in. This is like no other experience! Watch as the massive Tarpon feast on your offering. If you are lucky maybe a nearby shark may come join the frenzy. Islamorada is one of the world’s most unique resort towns because of gems like this. Now you feel like you are on vacation in the Keys!

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