Dive Into History


You may have gone on a pub crawl, but we bet you’ve never been on a reef crawl before! From August 20th to the 23rd, the Upper Keys celebrates all things ocean with its annual Reef Crawl, going reef to reef, exploring the beautiful reefs, wrecks and mangroves. Reef Crawlers can snorkel, dive, kayak or stand up paddle on any of the Reef Crawl tours. Participants can also sign up for seminars on reef eco-systems, coral restoration, fish identification and learn about invasive species like the lionfish. Afterwards they can even go and dive with the speakers leading the seminars. And a portion of every Reef Crawl registration goes to help local conservation efforts, so you can feel good about all that fun you’re going to have. When you’re done, our Islamorada beachfront resort will be waiting for you on dry land.

Address: The Upper Keys, Largo – Islamorada

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