Snorkle at Alligator Reef


There’s plenty of great places to snorkel around the Keys, and Alligator Reef is no exception! A popular dive spot, and excellent for snorkeling beginners, Alligator Reef is about three miles out from the shore, and can only be gotten to by boat. Once you’re there, you can dive into the crystal-clear water and mingle with all kinds of marine wildlife, like rays, barracudas and a whole rainbow of other fish, along with equally colorful patches of coral. If you’ve got an underwater camera you’ve been itching to use, this is definitely the place to do it. Once you’ve returned to our Islamorada resort from your adventure at Alligator Reef, you can grab some cocktails and tasty fish tacos at our Sparrows Rum Bar restaurant.

Address: Islamorada

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