Colorful Sunsets in Islamorada

May 26, 2020

The Florida Keys may be known for world-class fishing, snorkeling, and dining, but one of the greatest parts about being on this archipelago off the southern coast of Florida is the breathtaking sunsets. The gentle curve of the islands means you can basically catch a picturesque sunset from any island. Sunsets are so gorgeous in Islamorada that it feels like a special occasion every day. 

Expert weather forecaster Bill Cottrill explains what makes our sunsets so colorful. He says it is a delicate balance between low cumulus clouds close to the horizon that create pockets of blue shadows and the high cirrus clouds that are made of ice and reflect the suns rays. The result is usually a combination of vibrant pinks, creamy oranges, and a variety of purples shades that change like a kaleidoscope as the sun approaches the horizon. Gather your loved ones and share fresh seafood and tropical drinks while watching the day turn into night, Florida Keys-style.